3 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help Your Child after a Bicycle Injury

When it comes to chiropractic care, there are some significant differences in how a doctor will treat a child, versus how they’d handle an adult. This makes sense, given that there are some substantial differences between a child’s body and an adult’s body, and they both need different things. Despite that truth, virtually all patients…Read More

5 Ways Chiropractic Care And Massage Will Help You This Flu Season

Flu season is upon us. Defined as the period between October and February, flu season is that horrible time each winter when influenza rates peak, and everyone goes around trying to avoid getting sick. Fever, headache, stomach upset, and chills seem to be lurking everywhere, waiting to grab us, so how do we prevent it?…Read More

5 Essential Oils That can Help With Your Back to School Back Pain

When back pain hits, it can turn a perfectly good day into an uncomfortable nightmare. Between the aching, the shooting pain, and the limited mobility, back pain can bring you to a screaming halt. This is especially true for lower back pain, which happens to be more prevalent during the back-to-school period than other time…Read More

Five Ways Chiropractic Care Will Help Ease Labor and Delivery

If you are pregnant and looking for an effective way to prepare yourself for labor and birth, chiropractic care is a fantastic option. A practice focused on maintaining the health and mobility of the spinal column, nerves, and discs, as well as all of your related bone geometry; chiropractic care doesn’t rely on surgery, drugs,…Read More

8 Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing This Spring

The golf swing: it’s the technique that has launched 10,000 ships, so to speak. Agonized over, practiced, and attempted time and time again, it’s one of the essential considerations in the entire game of golf. With all those things in mind, it makes perfect sense that people are always, always trying to improve theirs. If…Read More